The Twentieth Century Recreation Society Newsletter-Birthday Ritual Explained


To test the viability of their newly-minted clones, our 20th Century ancestors engaged in the savage "birthday" rite. The "birthday" was a trial by ordeal.

Participants were forced to gorge on sugary substances, submit to collective "spanking" rituals, and to sing inane songs with highly forgettable lyrics. A bold team of re-enactors will recreate this savage ceremony.

You and your clones and mutants are invited to witness this bizarre ritual which will be held at Recreation House! The TRSís board has spared no expense in recreating a typical 20th century living environment. The reconstruction is at Ground Zero Minus 11 (or as the ancients called it, "Virginia.")

So, come on! Relive the primitive past! Send in the handy reply card today or call the T.R.S. at to reserve a place at the party. Our clones are standing by to take your call.

Handy Reply Card:

J Yes, my household has agreed to join T.R.S. and to attend the costume ball. I, ___________, will attend the ball with my clones, _____,1 _____,2 __________3 and my mutants. We agree to dress in 20th century garb and to keep mutants leashed if necessary.



Recreation House

TRS Reenactors will make your "trip" to the 20th century exciting and educational! (Pictured: Anonymous reenactor and Dr. Grendall Beowulf, Krispy Creme/Time-Warner-AOL/Wendy's Chair of Humanities, CalPoly, SD)

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