The Twentieth Century Recreation Society Newsletter-Costume Notes


At Right: 20th Century Civil Authority. Dr. Macho Jell-O carefully recreated the garb of a 20th century "Policeman" through painstaking study of fragments of "Miami Vice" videos.

Costume Hints:

Because of the corroding effects of acid rain, toxic waste, air pollution and the loss of the ozone layer, 20th century people suffered from an overwhelming fear of disintegration. Therefore, they were obsessed with being "together." To insure that no physical disintegration occurred and that body parts remained in place, 20th century fashion emphasized the use of chains, belts, neckties, safety pins and close-fitting, impermeable clothing to bind the extremities close to the body and therefore minimize unsightly shedding of body parts.



Cloning was still a novelty in the 20th century. To compensate for this tragic lack of clones, 20th century people cultivated a pathetic cult of individuality. Their expression "look out for number one" did not mean, as was previously believed, that early cloning technology caused the first clone in every batch to be defective. Instead, this saying signified that the illusion of individuality was to be preserved at all costs. 20th century fashions promoted individuality above all else. Therefore, if you and your clones and mutants are in an adventurous mood, you might consider dressing differently from one another. This is purely optional of course, the T.R.S. exists to promote learning, not social pathology.